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In order to fully understand the logic behind point selection, it is necessary to have a fairly complete understandings of the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture points.

Over the last 30 years mainstream medicine has increasingly come to recognize acupuncture as both effective and safe for many disorders. However, previous studies on acupuncture treatment for hay fever have been inconsistent.

Muscle Pain Treatment At Home, etna and Successful Treatment Medicomat. A randomised controlled trial that investigated the effectiveness of acustimulation in relation to known risk factors for PONV. Two hundred women undergoing vaginal hysterectomy were given 24 hours of acustimulation (subdivided into groups of pre-induction and post-induction) or sham stimulation, (similarly subdivided).

In traditional medicine, the use of feverfew, fennel and dill as cures for indigestion is common, as well as thyme and speedwell.

There is a growing resentment against Western Medicine because of high costs, shoddy care, and often ineffective treatments. To many, it seems Doctors merely throw high cost pills at any type of problem including subtle mental disorders.

Reference 217. Tian LD et al. [Observation of therapeutic effects of 68 cases of Gilles de la Tourette’s syndrome in children treated with acupuncture.] Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, 1996, 16(9):483-484 [in Chinese].

When it does not, it means that something is amiss. This something is not the external thing, the symptom that Westerners tend to view as the problem. It is actually something internal, and often distant from the symptom.

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